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Welcome to Shanti Yoga

Shanti Yoga is the longest running yoga studio on the Grand Strand. With expert instructors teaching in a traditional manner and trained by some of the best teachers in the world. Whether you live on the Grand Strand or are visiting, you will receive high quality instruction with an emphasis on creating positive change in your practice and your body. We offer practices in Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Yin yoga, and we also offer an online yoga program.

Open 7 days a week with all levels classes we welcome beginners to the most advanced students.

Our beautiful Yoga Center is a testament to Dawn Yager’s 15 years of teaching.  We welcome you to start a practice anytime!

Classes and Services

We have a great variety of classes and services for you to enjoy.


Words of inspiration and knowledge




Citrine is for everybody

Citrine cleanses all chakras and enhances intuition. While attracting wealth, prosperity and success it also imparts joy, happiness and enthusiasm. Citrine raises self-esteem and self-confidence while giving you the energy to do something with it. Most importantly it helps release negative traits, depression, fears and phobias. This beautiful stone...

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Healing the Sacral Chakra

The Swadhisthana chakra allows you to find pleasure in self-expression. We define ourselves by what you do, and from the personal relationships we have. A great way to find out if your 2nd chakra is healthy is by looking at your activities in your daily life. Are the things...

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Dawn Yager
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Dawn Yager is a passionate yogi dedicated to keeping with the tradition laid out before her by her teachers Goswami Kriyanada and Sri Dharma Mittra.

Susie Taylor
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Susie is a native of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina along with her husband Steve and their three children Caitlin, Drake, Stokes and dog Prindle.

Laura Klem
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Laura Klem recently moved to Myrtle Beach from Florence, SC where she wrote weekly for the Florence Morning newspaper and local ‘She’ magazine.

Elizabeth Howland
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Elizabeth completed meditation teach training at Shanti in Fall 2015 and her 200-hour vinyasa teacher training in Summer 2016.